My little sister drew, my little brother colored

And now I present you, Boo

Marker tool + Blur tool = love

Kingdom!AU Kyoko I made

Pisjo ( green ) and Piscok ( brown )

The m!anon ( mute m!a ) still in effect so yeah
I revamped things like Pisjo’s clothing and their eyes turn red if angry, well maybe minor changes. The major one is the mute thing, please have fun with them 

( I haven’t check it yet, going to check the ask blog soon )


I’m really sorry for disappearing
Stuff happened, good stuff mostly
Eventually school life got busier, and I have two clubs to attend
I got into the acceleration program and sure is it will be hella busier
I would check on here every weekends only
And if there’s a gap / style gap between my old and recent drawings, yes I drew a lot and my style changed a lot recently.

I’m still opening my rp blogs ( Gda’s bronanas and Ngc’s watt )

Mayor!Chrow and Resident!Kyoko

Basically switching places

OC, Astrid

Finally drew one thing for her

I’m sorry I’m late

But it looks fun so I thought of joining

Ted “Watt” Watson | Male | 17 y.o | Mostly Human

His askblog ( under construction )

  • Strolling around Poor District ( eh did i get it right? )
  • Can manipulate electricity within 1 meter range 
  • Human conductor ( the gloves prevent the electricity to leak in/out from his body )
  • He can store a small amount of electricity ( but mostly use it for charging his phone because priority )
  • Phone is the backstory key
  • Natural hair color is white
  • Happy neighborhood prankster